Davis Middle School Visit

April 10, 2017 I’ll be visiting 7th graders at Davis Middle School in Hampton, VA. Librarian Nancy Terrell and Davis teachers are using Samuel Wilbert Tucker: The Story of a Civil Rights Trailblazer and the 1939 Alexandria Library Sit-in for the third year in their study of violent and nonviolent protests and the power to overcome adversity.

  • I enjoyed you coming for a visit, it was extremely fun and I hope you with come for another visit soon.

  • Hello, I loved that you could visit our school and enjoyed learning about Samuel Wilbert Tucker. Thank you for visiting.

  • Hi Mrs.Silcox thank you for the visit I really enjoyed your company I really gained tons of knowledge ☺️🙂

  • Thank you so much for writing this book, you have given us so much information about the untold heroes

  • I liked the fact that she researched a person that is usually never is recognized. I liked her here and enjoyed the time she came. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for coming to Davis Middle School to share so much information about Samuel Wilbert Tucker and his fight to make public libraries open to everyone. Sometimes we take things for granted. Tucker fought for the rights for all people to have access to public libraries and that “separate” does not mean “equal”. Your visit was perfect, as we celebrated National Library Month during your visit. I will continue to write grants to have you come back to our school.

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