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U.S. – Dakota War in 1862

Growing up in New Ulm, Minnesota, I didn’t learn much about the war on the prairie in 1862.  New Ulm was one of the places attacked by Dakota was really the only fact I learned.  

When a chance comment this summer got my curiosity activated, I began searching for sources to learn more.  There are tons of books and websites with an adult audience in mind, but not much for young readers. I hope to change that with a book for middle grade readers that explains this tragic time.

I have much more research to do before this project is finished.  When this pandemic is under control and things open up again, I will be able to find primary sources in local historical society collections and sites.

I’m always on the lookout for stories of ordinary people who have done remarkable things, but have never gotten the full recognition they deserve. Because I believe  young learners need to be able to see themselves in history, I search for stories of little-known people and events that need to be included in the telling of American history.

If you know of someone whose story needs to be told, please email me. I welcome all suggestions.

Email: noysilbooks@gmail.com