Nancy’s Schedule

March 26, 2022    50 North Senior Center, Northfield, MN. Author talk about Tucker biography, the 1930 Alexandria Library sit-in and my journey to research and write the book.

Feb 26, 2020       Arlington Central Library, Arlington VA. Author talk

Feb 20, 2020       West Oak Lane Branch, Philadelphia Free Library. Screening and discussion Out of Obscurity, documentary about the 1939 Alexandria Library sit-in

Feb 14, 2020       Cascades Public Library, Loudoun County, Virginia. Author talk for Homeschooler’s Program

Dec 9, 2019          Beatley Central Library, Alexandria Public Library

Oct 12, 2019        Eat, Read Local, Cascades Public Library, Loudoun County, VA

April 22, 2019      Tarrant Middle School, Hampton VA, Change Makers Research with 7th graders

Nov 29, 2018       Virginia Association of School Librarians, “Recommended Reading by Virginia Librarians for Middle Grade Social Studies”

Nov 2, 2018         Virginia Conference for Social Studies Educators, “Recommended Reading by Virginia Librarians for Middle Grade Social Studies”

Oct 22, 2018        New Ulm (MN) Middle School, 1939 Alexandria Library Sit-in Presentation

May 5, 2018         Prince William County (VA) Book Fair, PWC Reads 2017

April 19, 2018       Davis Middle School, Hampton, VA

Jan 15, 2018        Landsdowne Woods, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Program

Jan 2, 2018          Alexandria City Public Schools Professional Development for librarians

Nov 9-11, 2017    American Association for School Librarians Conference. Phoenix, AZ. “Collaborate for Powerful Teaching and Learning in History and Language Arts” presentation with Linda Mitchell.

Nov 3-4, 2017      Virginia Council for Social Studies Educators Conference. Richmond, VA. “Collaborate for Powerful Teaching and Learning” presentation with Linda Mitchell.

Oct 20, 2017        Alexandria City Public Schools. Professional Development Presentation.

Oct 7, 2017          Eat Local, Read Local Festival. Cascade Library, Loudoun County, VA. Storytelling and book signing.

Oct 2, 2017           Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School, Alexandria, VA. 3rd grade storytime

Sept 30, 2017       Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia. Richmond. VA. Author Talk

April 10, 2017       Davis Middle School, Hampton, VA

Dec 8, 2016          Arlington County Public Schools, 9th grade class

Oct 20-22, 2016   Virginia Association of School Librarians’ Conf. Norfolk, VA

Oct 8, 2016           Prince William County (VA) Book Fair PWC Reads 2016

Oct 15-16, 2015    Virginia Society for Social Studies Conf, Norfolk, VA

Mar 11, 2015         Stonewall Middle School, Manassas, VA, 7th grade

Feb 2, 2015           Minnie Howard 9th Grade Center, Alexandria, VA

Jan 22, 2015         Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, VA

Oct 2014               Virginia Library Association Conf, Williamsburg, VA

July 16, 2014        Longwood Literacy Institute

May 15, 2014        Kenmore Middle School, Arlington, VA

April 23, 2014        Sewell’s Point Elementary School,Norfolk, VA, 5h grade

Nov 2013              VAASL Annual Conference, Williamsburg, VA