Reviews and Interviews: Tucker biography

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In the biography’s forward, Senator Henry L. Marsh wrote,  “A concise and accurate description of Tucker’s life with emphasis on his legal contributions to the Civil Rights Movement.”

Nanci Diggs, a middle school librarian in Yorktown, VA emailed after attending my “Collaboration Strengthens Instruction in History and Language Arts” session at the annual Virginia Association of School Librarians conference. ” I have already spoken with my principal, a 7th grade English teacher and a 7th grade history teacher about your book. They are all very excited about Samuel Tucker’s story. NONE OF THEM HAD HEARD OF HIM! I had never heard of him until last week. It is shocking to me that a man who had such an impact on the Civil Rights Movement has not received publicity. I totally understand why you decided to write his story, and I’m very glad you did. Rosa Parks is one of my favorite people from history. I so admire the courage that she displayed. Mr. Tucker certainly displayed that same courage! I love the way you wrote the book using language that is easily understood. I’m sure our students will learn a great deal when they read it.

WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi interviewed Nancy on the 75th Anniversary of the Alexandria Library Sit-in August 21, 2014.

NBC Channel 4 Washington’s Barbara Harrison featured the Story of the Alexandria Library Sit-in for Black History Month 2015.

WAMU’s Rebecca Sheir interviewed Nancy for Metro Connection October 3, 2014.