US-Dakota War of 1862

Growing up in New Ulm, Minnesota, I didn’t learn much about the war on the prairie in 1862.  New Ulm was one of the places attacked by Dakota. That’s really the only fact I knew.  

When a chance comment  got my curiosity activated, I began searching for sources to learn more.  There are tons of books and websites with an adult audience in mind, but not much for young readers. I hope to change that with a narrative nonfiction for middle grade readers that explains this tragic time. My fictional narrator writes forty years after the war, as many survivors did. It will look like a scrapbook with loads of photos.

I have much more research to do before this project is finished.  When this pandemic is under control and things open up again, I will be able to find primary sources in local historical society collections.

Stay tuned for updates.


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